Super Mario: More Than Just A Game

Super Mario: More Than Just A Game

Think Arcade Games and the first name that pops out is the iconic Super Mario games series. Mario took over the world of virtual entertainment by storm and proved to be a real money-spinner for Nintendo selling over 285 million copies while setting a wonderful legacy to follow. Mario soon became the first video game character to be inducted into the Walk of Game and has set up a legacy that most of their games can only dream and aspire of breaking into.

Mario started off a secondary character in the game series Donkey Kong as the character Jump man. However, the character name was soon changed into Mario in the American version and the game turned out to be surprisingly successful. That success prompted the designers at Nintendo to rethink and come up with a game series with Mario as the leading character and that led to the birth of the legendary Super Mario games series. Mario was depicted as plucky Italian plumber who is always alert and on his way to save Princess Peach from the clutches of evil. The character of Mario was inspired from the owner of Nintendo’s American premises who had a similar look to the original character of Jump man and hence fell the name Mario. The initial eight-bit graphics system meant that Mario could not be animated without his arms disappearing and to combat this technical error, a solid coloured shirt was assigned along with moustaches, cap and an adorable sideburn.

While the original Super Mario series has been immensely famous and successful leading to many subsequent releases, Mario has been involved in a number of side releases. The character of Mario has been extensively used for various other games including arcade, puzzles sports, fighting and sometimes even educational games. Mario has also been involved in several role-playing games such as Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, The Thousand Year door and the Super Paper Mario for the Nintendo Wii. Mario’s first appearance in a puzzle game was in the now famous Dr. Mario series. The gameplay is strikingly similar to Tetris and the game has been imported to virtually every other Nintendo series ever since. Not only that, other multiplayer games such as the Super Mario Kart series that have brought even more money to Nintendo coffers. Other sport series include the Mario Golf and Mario Tennis series in which Mario shows his full range of versatility.

Super Mario games have been immensely successful selling over 285 million copies in a short space of time. Being the mascot of Nintendo, Mario has been marketed extensively leading to more and more people to pick up a console and play Super Mario games. With the advent of emulators that can be used in computers and phones, free Mario games are available which have become immensely popular in recent times. With nearly four decades of popularity and with almost every other console gamer having played the game at some point of time or the other, other gaming rivals certainly do have a long heritage to live up to if they are to come up anywhere close to the Super Mario games series.

UPD August 7, 2018
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