SNES Mini Has Managed to Sell More Than 4 Million Units Worldwide

The success achieved by Nintendo Switch over these months has been incredible after selling more than 14 million consoles worldwide and surpassing Wii U in total sales. However, users also have a great appreciation for the retro style and this has been noticed in the units that have been acquired from SNES Mini since it was released last September.

Nintendo has indicated stars talk to you here in its latest financial results report that the miniature version of the legendary Super Nintendo has exceeded 4 million units sold globally, doubling the amount purchased up to October, when it delivered the previous results.

With this data in light, it can already be said that the SNES Mini has been more successful than the NES Mini. Even so, it must also be acknowledged that the former has had more units in stores, while the latter did not manage to cover sufficient demand, bringing its total sales to 2.3 million before it ceased production.

That is why Nintendo wanted to remind you that this summer the NES Mini is expected to return to the shops to put an end to the speculation it has generated in online shops with truly exorbitant prices.

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