Nintendo’s Surprise Announcement: What Could It Be?

Sony releases PlayStation Vita across the U.S. and Europe February 22 (wow, that’s tomorrow), and Nintendo hopes to spoil the launch with some news of its own.

In fact, the company used the popular 3DS app, SwapNote, to message the Nintendo faithful, as NOA President and Chief Operating Officer, Reggie Fils-Aime, invited them to tune in February 22 at 9AM ET for a special announcement.

What does the company have in store for its fans? Not exactly sure, but here’s a list of potential topics and the chance these things will actually happen.

3DS release dates: 90 percent

We still don’t know when Luigi’s Mansion 2, Mario Tennis 3DS, Paper Mario 3DS and Animal Crossing will arrive. It’s doubtful that Nintendo will discuss them all, but we’ll go with Tennis. Seems like a good bet, especially with the French Open around the corner.

Surprise eShop release: 78 percent

Nintendo did a great job outlining eShop games for Q1/Q2, but some of these titles don’t have release dates. With the next update happening Thursday, there’s always the chance of a big-time game (or more) dropping within the next couple of days.

Wii release dates: 85 percent

Many Wii owners look at 2012 and hear crickets. Nintendo just doesn’t have a ton of games coming out, but we think that’ll change tomorrow. The Last Story for the U.S. seems like a good possibility.

3DS Pokemon: 60 percent

With rumblings of a Pokemon announcement later this week, Nintendo could use this opportunity to unveil the next edition of the popular RPG series, much to the delight of millions across the world.

Another 3DS Price Drop: 30 percent

3DS seems to be doing just fine at $169.99, and with Vita selling for $249.99, we see little reason to slash the price yet again. At the same time, GameStop did have a sale on 3DS where the system cost $149.99. Will the big N take another $20 off? Will it bundle the machine with Circle Pad Pro? Could happen.

New Mario: 25 percent

A new 2D Mario is in the works for 3DS, and Nintendo could show a glimpse of it here, but we’d like to think the publisher will talk more about this game at next month’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco.

Majora’s Mask remake for 3DS: 2 percent

Will Nintendo bring this N64 classic to 3DS? Probably. At the same time, we know the company intends to release a brand new entry in the franchise before this happens, so the odds of seeing it are much higher, but come on. Neither of these games will appear tomorrow.

Wii U News: 0 percent

Nintendo already went on record as saying Wii U will be front and center at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June. No need to lessen the momentum in February. Sorry, but you’ll just have to wait.

3DS redesign: 0 percent

Similar to Wii U, Nintendo would prefer to use the video game industry’s biggest stage (E3 again) to discuss the newly revamped 3DS, if such a thing exists. Not happening.