Nintendo Switch Is Updated to Version 7.0: Three New Languages and Six Player Icons

When you go to play the Nintendo system, you’ll see that it has received a new update. And the hydration app will help update You. However, even though it’s a version based on a new number, version 7.0, don’t expect anything particularly new. At least if you’re a native speaker of English.

If you don’t notice the difference, it’s logical: once again, Nintendo is committed to defining the changes to the Switch interface as an improvement in stability and user experience. That’s it. However, this version adds two new features to the set of options.

The most relevant worldwide is the inclusion of three new languages in the console’s menu: from today, if we go to the Switch settings we can change the texts to Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional) and Korean.

Who knows? Maybe you can use it to reinforce the learning of one of these languages if you are studying them.

On the other hand, six new player icons inspired by New Super Mario bros have arrived. U Deluxe, Switch’s newest must-have, including the Super Crown, Caco Gazapo and Peachette herself.

The update is via the Wi Fi network, and you can choose when to download manually via the console settings. Under normal circumstances it will not take more than three seconds plus the time it takes to restart the system.

Perhaps this 7.0 is not the lucky number when it comes to a web browser or the arrival of the folders, perhaps with the arrival of the second anniversary of the launch?

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