Bioshock and Borderlands Sagas Will Land Alongside Xcom 2 on Nintendo Switch in Late May

Yes, Nintendo has just released a surprise Direct and special puzzle game Instead of giving advance notice and broadcasting it live, as usual, they’ve posted it directly on their YouTube channels. It comes with some pretty interesting announcements.

Three iconic 2K Games sagas make the jump to Nintendo Switch. On one hand we have Bioshock: The Collection, which includes the three titles in the series for Nintendo Switch. Classic shooter that helped define the last generation.

Then there’s Borderlands: Legendary Collection, with the first and second installments, as well as the Pre-Secure. There seems to be no trace of the third part, although it’s understandable, since it was developed with PS4 and Xbox One in mind. It would take a port of the caliber of DOOM to bring it to the hybrid.

Finally, what was leaked a month ago is confirmed. XCOM 2 Collection will also be played on Switch. One of the strongest turn-based strategy titles in recent years, and with all the downloadable content.

All of this will land on the Nintendo system on 29 May, although prior to Direct, there have been warnings that the dates may change due to the coronavirus.

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